"When I made the decision to wrap up my triathlon career at Kona after fifteen years of structured daily, weekly and yearly routine, I felt all the doubts one might experience when making a massive life change: questions and fears both real and imagined. But facing fear—fear of the unknown, fear of new challenges—can generate the most true and intense feelings of being alive. That is what these new dirt adventures were showing me: a happiness and contentment in exploring the unknown and challenging myself in ways I never had before. The things we’ve done in the past are experiences behind us, but the things we have yet to do are down the road in front of us, waiting for us—waiting to bring us to life."

"You miss 100% of the shots

you don't take."

— Wayne Gretzky

YouTube Channel

"By documenting my athletic journey on YouTube, my hope is to inspire people to challenge themselves to get outside of their normal orbits and to try something different and new. We can let fear and self doubt creep into our heads and never go for something, or we can know we’ve already succeeded purely by facing the unknown no matter the end “result.” Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. We only get one shot at this thing called life. So here’s to stoking the hunger for new things, and seeing what new roads and trails and paths we can travel down together. That leaves me with only one question left to ask…
What Are You Waiting For?"

"As much as triathlon has been my life, my one sole focus that I shaped every day around, I could no longer ignore the excitement and motivation flowing from thoughts of new and different challenges. I asked myself “Is there ever a good time to make a shift in life? To try something new or even deeper, to reroute your day-to-day existence?” The thought of doing something new and stepping out of a comfort zone is scary, but we only have one life.  We can keep saying, “I’ll do that one day…” or we can choose to make that day TODAY, because.....

Podcasts & Interviews

Open and honest conversations are another way I hope to inspire others to live in the moment and embrace each day as if it were your last.